Tyre Cover

In the event that your Tyre(s) cannot be safely repaired and needs replacement due to accidental damage, the Tyre Cover will cover the cost of the Tyre(s) to be replaced up to the maximum benefit selected as at date of insurance. The cover term is open ended, claims are unlimited*. There is an additional Rim benefit which is limited to one Rim repair or replacement per annum up to the maximum benefit selected as at date of insurance.

R0 – R1,000 R59 pm R3 000
R1,001 – R1,500 R85 pm R3 000
R1,501 – R2,500 R139 pm R3 000
R2,501 – R3,500 R198 pm R3 000
R3,501 – R4,500 R252 pm R3 000

Additional Benefits:

  • 4 Puncture repairs per annum up to a maximum of R100 per repair
  • A Tyre rotation service, wheel balancing and wheel rotation per annum – limited to 1 of each. The benefit will apply after the expiry of 12 months from your cover start date and you will continue to enjoy these benefits annually thereafter

  • No Excess,  however the insurer may charge an excess on excessive claim occurances.

    We DO NOT payout based on thread usage. We payout based on the selcted insured amount.

    Open ended product.

Exclusions include but are not limited to:
  • Damage caused by incorrect wheel balance, defective steering geometry / tracking or defective suspension.
  • Tyres where the tread depth is below the SA limit (1 mm across the tyre) when the incident occurs.
  • Any damage that is not as a result of accidental damage (i.e. Damage caused by a road accident, theft or fire is not covered).
  • Any amount which exceeds the maximum benefit amount as stated and applied for.
  • Wear and tear is not covered under this policy.
  • Alignment, labour and balancing isn’t covered.
  • Replacement of tyre(s) due to tread difference is not covered.
Specific Requirement at Claim Stage:
  • Clear photo’s of the damage to the Tye(s) and or Rim(s) needs to be submitted as part of the claim process.
  • You must obtain authorisation from PinnAfrica prior to the commencement of any and all repairs/replacements in the event of a claimable event.

*Excessive claims will be monitored and assessed at our discretion.

There is a 90 (Ninety) day waiting period on all benefits. No benefits may be claimed within the first 90 days from inception.

PinnAfrica is to be notified of the incident within 30 days of the claimable event.

Please note that this is not the policy wording. For the full benefits and terms and conditions on any of our products, please request us to contact you.

Cashback Benefit

After 36 successful monthly premium collections and provided there have been no claims paid on the policy, a cashback benefit of 15%, of the total premium collected, will be paid back to you.