Service Plan

This plan is intended to provide for the scheduled services on your vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

There is a 6-month waiting period on the Service Plans.

Plan Options Available:

  • Plan One
    • Will cover the Annual service (Excl brakes, wiper blades, globes and Minor electricals).
  • Plan Two
    • Will cover the Annual Service, Brake Pads (Front – every 50 000km), Wiper blades, Globes and Minor Electrical up to the maximum benefit stipulated.
    • Additional benefit for Tyre replacement up to the benefit amount specified, and will be covered once off during the term of the policy.

Specific Exclusions of the plan:

  • Fuel;
  • Engine oil top up;
  • Transmission oil top up;
  • Brake fluid top up, and;
  • All other lubricants and service products required between routine servicing of the vehicle.

Specific Requirements at start of plan:

  • Full-Service History with an Authorised Dealer or RMI Approved Workshop.
  • Must not have an active Maintenance Plan in place.

Specific Requirement at Claim Stage:

  • You must obtain authorisation from PinnAfrica prior to the commencement of any work undertaken; failure to do so will invalidate the claim.

Please note that this is not the policy wording. For the full benefits and terms and conditions on any of our products, please request us to contact you.