Our History

PinnAfrica started trading in 1997 as a Life and Short Term insurance company – PinnAfrica Life Limited and PinnAfrica Insurance Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary of UK based Pinnacle Insurance plc and ultimately part of the French based BNP Paribas Group of Companies.

From the start PinnAfrica has specialized in consumer credit insurance, building a profitable portfolio of business with our partners through our core competence of innovative product development and world class processing and administration solutions, with a partnership approach in everything we do – principles we still carry through in our business today.

In 2004 the Company rebranded to Cardif Pinnacle, in line with the international brand requirements of the parent company’s insurance subsidiaries. This brand was used until 2009.

On 01 April 2009, the Company was bought by local insurer Lombard Insurance Company Limited. Following the acquisition, the business of the two Short Term insurance licenses were combined in Lombard Insurance, and the Life license was rebranded to Lombard Life Limited.

The Executive Management of PinnAfrica purchased the company from Lomvest, on the 01st of July 2013. PinnAfrica now underwrites its products through a cell captive with GuardRisk Insurance Limited.

PinnAfrica Insurance Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd continues to be a specialist consumer credit protection insurance underwriter, administrating business on behalf of Lombard Insurance Company Limited, Lombard Life Limited and various GuardRisk Cell Captives.

What Sets us Apart

Niche Player

PinnAfrica Insurance is an underwriter specialising in creditor related products.

PinnAfrica provides flexible and innovative product and administrative solutions, thereby providing market-leading advantages to our Partners companies. Our independence provides us with the ability to deal with clients and organisations across the market spectrum without fear of conflicting interests.

PinnAfrica has thorough understanding of local market structures and conditions, and our expert management and processing capabilities, through the application of state of the art information technology and management principles, places PinnAfrica in a strong position to deliver real value to our current and prospective clients' businesses, their stakeholders and their customers.

Our ability to manage and create profitable portfolios is without question.

Administration Capabilities

PinnAfrica has the capability of efficiently processing and reporting on large volumes of what many traditional insurers would define as 'small premiums'. This ability creates cost and operational efficiencies, which is a critical success factor in payment protector program management.

PinnAfrica is able to provide granular reporting and monthly actuarial reserving for its partners, something which is becoming a requirement of the FSB.

PinnAfrica collects its partner’s premiums directly from the underwriting system using host to host capabilities which ensure robust debtor control, this also then allows for automated commission payments to our partners and their distribution channels with automated commission statements.

Efficient Claims Handling

PinnAfrica prides itself on its claims handling processes and procedures. PinnAfrica clients can rest assured that claims are handled by industry experts in a fair and efficient manner, without prejudicing the customer. The efficient handling of claims; ensures maximum profit for our clients’ business.

Our shortfall process has saved clients millions in underpayments by comprehensive insurers.


PinnAfrica achieved a Level 4 B-BBEE rating during our 2023 Audit.