Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty reduces the cost to you in the event of mechanical breakdown/failure once your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

There is a 3-month waiting period on the Extended Warranty product.

Benefits of taking out the the Extended Warranty cover:

  • Reduces the cost to you in the event of mechanical breakdown /failure once your manufacturer’s warranty expires;
  • The cover runs for a 24 month period;
  • 42 major components are covered;
  • Resultant damage or loss to an insured part caused by the failure of an insured or non-insured part is covered*
  • Cover can be transferred with the vehicle;
  • Road Side Assistance
    • Tow-In
    • Overnight Accommodation
    • Car Rental
    • Keys Locked in Vehicle
    • Changing of a flat tyre
    • Battery Failure
    • Emergency Fuel Delivery
    • Emergency Assist
    • MAP Direct

Specific Exclusions and Restrictions may apply, contact PinnAfrica for further assistance

Please note

In the event of 2 or more failures occurring simultaneously, only 1 covered part failure will be entertained with the Limit of Indemnity being that applicable to the larger of the failures or the actual Cost of the Repairs, whichever is the lesser. Repairs to the remaining failed part or parts will be for Your own account

Warranty Benefits:

Components Covered: Maximum Benefit Amount:
Engine R37 000
Gearbox R25 000
Differential R25 000
Differential Lock R10 000
Transaxle R9 000
Management system R10 000
Transfer Box R10 000
Turbo assembly R10 000
Air conditioner R6 000
Casings R6 000
Cooling system R6 000
Electronic ignition R6 000
Front wheel drive unit R6 000
Drive shafts R6 000
Braking system R5 000
Clutch R5 000
Electronic winch(factory fitted only) R5 000
Electrical Components R5 000
Free wheel hubs R5 000
Fuel system R5 000
Steering mechanism R5 000
Suspension/Air Suspension R5 000
Wheel bearings R5 000
Catalytic Converter R8 000
Intercooler R6 000
Mechatronics R5 500
Overfueling R8 000
Overheating R8 000
Vanos unit R4 000
Cambelt Failure R5 000
Central Locking R3 000
Cylinder head gasket R5 000
Pulleys R5 000
Cooling Fans R4 000
Electric sunroof/convertible roof motor R3 000
DVD System R3 000
GS navigation system R3 000
Phone system R3 000
Sensors and sender units R1 500
Alarms and Immobilisers R2 000
Electric mirrors R2 000
Transponder key R2 000
Battery R1 000
Car rental R1 000
Overnight accommodation R1 500
Tow-in R1 000
Consumables R400
Instalment payment protection R2 000
Insurance excess payment R2 000
Roadside assistance Included
Tyre & Rim Flat tyre assist up to R500

Specific Requirement at start of policy:

  • Proof of last service done (not older than 12 months) and
  • Services need to be up to date.

Specific Requirement at Claim Stage:

  • You must obtain authorisation from PinnAfrica prior to the commencement of any and all repairs/replacements in the event of a claimable event; failure to do so will invalidate the claim.
  • In the event of a Tow-In benefit prior authorisation needs to be obtained from Digicall Assistance, failure to do so will invalidate the tow-in claim.

PinnAfrica is to be notified of the incident within 3 working days of the claimable event.

Please note that this is not the policy wording. For the full benefits and terms and conditions on any of our products, please request us to contact you.