Claim Assist

The purpose of the product is to provide a service that will remove the strain of multiple contact points and stone walling by call centres’ and agents. This service will only be available where the vehicle has been written off or stolen. The Service will provide the required knowledge to ensure that the client’s claims process is efficient and that the maximum benefit is derived from the Comprehensive Insurance Companies and ancillary benefits.

Back Ground:

In a survey completed by PinnAfrica Insurance over a two year period based on all claims, in which it was involved, as the Shortfall insurance provider, it was establish that on a sample of 950 claims processed 285 were underpaid by the insurer resulting in an amount of R3.1 Million in underpayments which averages R10 877 per claim. The biggest single recovery to date by PinnAfrica was R263 800.

PinnAfrica are well versed in the process of negotiating on behalf of clients with their Comprehensive Insurance Companies for underpayments. PinnAfrica will also assist with the requesting of assistance from the Ombudsman where required.

Where there is a claim we will require:

  • A police accident or theft report numbers, with the relevant station contact details.
  • Date, time and place of the accident.

What we will do:

  • Submit your claim form and confirm receipt by the Comprehensive Insurance Company, once completed by you or your representative.
  • Request the following from your credit Provider/finance company (if financed);
    • copy of the invoice,
    • copy of the finance agreement,
    • letter of settlement (we will check this against the actual received),
    • amortization schedule,
    • we will request all refunds where single premium warranties or maintenance is financed, this is generally not done.
  • Ensure that where you have shortfall cover with another insurer or your comprehensive Insurer, it is paid correctly.
  • Ensure that your insurer;
    • takes into account the mileage both positive and negative,
    • includes your extras,
    • uses the correct vehicle,
    • applies the correct excess and
    • ancillary benefits.
  • Provide at least bi-weekly feedback on the status of your claim, by SMS, electronic mail or where necessary by telephone
  • Notify you immediately of a payout agreement or repudiation.
  • Where the claim is repudiated we will;
    • determine the reason,
    • check this against the policy conditions,
    • ensure you were notified of these conditions in the form of a record of advice by your Comprehensive insurer,
    • where you have a Shortfall policy we will check for supplementary cover or violation benefits, if any.
  • Where there is a case to be argued we will assist with your submission to the Financial and Intermediary Services Ombudsman or the Short Term Insurance Ombudsman.

Please note that this is not the policy wording. For the full benefits and terms and conditions on any of our products, please request us to contact you.