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Our Purpose

We at PinnAfrica are recognised for our personal approach and excellence in providing innovative products, services and solutions in the consumer credit insurance and related markets. We are a company that adds value to our people, our partners and our business.

Our Vision and Mission

We will create and deliver a superior solution – encompassing products, processing and service – tailored to each of our customers’ requirements, we will deliver a superior customer experience, simplifying and improving both our clients and their customers’ lives. We will achieve this through a motivated team of skilled people, absolute fairness in our treatment of our clients and partners and complying with the 6 Treat Your Customer Fairly Outcomes, these are;

  • You are confident that the fair treatment of you is key to our culture
  • Products and services are designed to meet your needs, as our targeted client
  • We communicate clearly, appropriately and on time.
  • We provide advice which is suitable to your needs and circumstances
  • Our products and services meet your standards and are of an acceptable level
  • There are no barriers to access for our services or any complaints

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At PinnAfrica our culture is one based on:

An open minded, flexible approach, Refreshing ideas – forward thinking, Up to date on market trends, Partnership mindset in our business dealings – how can we add value, People and relationships driven, Initiative is valued, Ability to make personalised decisions, Proactively understanding market needs, ‘Will do’/’will help’ mindset – in spirit of cooperation, Vibrant people orientated culture, people valued more than systems, Progressive work environment – not old world, Team work encouraged and highly valued, Solid, efficient, delivery, Effective support system, Latitude at all levels to make decisions fast within set parameters, Respect.

PinnAfrica people are individuals who:

Believe in excellence, Recognise teamwork as mission critical, Know that passion and tenacity breeds success, Build their business on relationships, Think creatively to find solutions, Are decisions makers accountable for their actions, Feel that honesty, integrity and ethics are not negotiable.