Accidental Death

This product offers peace of mind knowing that in the event that you pass away as a result of an Accident we will pay a lump sum amount dependent on the option selected to your selected beneficiary. In the event that you are Retrenched or Hospitalised (If Self Employed); we will pay your installments up to a maximum of 3 installments and up to a maximum amount as per the benefit option selected.

The max entry age for Accidental Death and Retrenchment/Hospitalization benefit is 65 and the cessation age is 70 years.

  • Option A: R250 000 Accidental Death Cover and R5 000 Retrenchment or Hospitalisation Cover
  • Option B: R400 000 Accidental Death Cover and R10 000 Retrenchment or Hospitalisation Cover

There is a 3-month waiting period under the Retrenchment/Hospitalisation benefit.

Retrenchment is defined as:

Termination of Your work by your employer due to adverse business conditions, the introduction of new technology, or the reorganisation of Your employer’s business, resulting in staff reductions. You must be in full-time employment and not self-employed to be eligible for this cover.

Hospitalisation is defined as:

    Means being admitted to hospital and registered as an in-patient due to an accident or illness. You must be self-employed to be eligible for this cover.

Murder and Hazardous Pursuits are specifically excluded under the Accidental Death benefit.

PinnAfrica is to be notified of the incident within 30 days of the claimable event.

Please note that this is not the policy wording. For the full benefits and terms and conditions on any of our products, please request us to contact you.

Cashback Benefit

After 36 successful monthly premium collections and provided there have been no claims paid on the policy, a cashback benefit of 15%, of the total premium collected, will be paid back to you.